Sharecash Downloader

With the fast moving pace of the internet world and the indulgence of many in getting free stuff, sharecash has been getting very popular and has become one of the favorite platform for earning online by internet marketers. This marketers earn through uploading files that are very popular so others can download it for free. Well, not really free because a downloader has to fill up a survey in order to access the file. But when the file is very compelling, a downloader would not care to complete a survey. Although it does not take so long to complete one because I can complete it in less than a minute or two, still some hate the idea of doing it anyway. That is why we, at, took the time and focused our programming skills in creating a sharecash downloader so that you can bypass sharecash surveys through our program.

Sharecash Downloader

I see many downloaders in the net that claim they too can get the work done. I must agree that perhaps theirs program did work. But you see, sharecash is getting better and better everyday and it takes some complex strategies to bypass their security. A sharecash downloader if not maintained, may only work for a couple of days and later loose its bypassing capability. Not to mention the addition of ip proxies so that access to the download section of sharecash is not limited. That is why I am not surprised if some of this auto downloaders are sold or require a subscription fee so that the same can be maintained by expensive coders.

Sharecash Downloader

Introducing Our ShareCash Downloader X

My group of programmers have taken the time to create this intricate program so that you can bypass the hated sharecash surveys. Before it was easy to create one of this because of the existence of premium accounts. A programmer will have to simply make a program that links his sharecash premium account and letting downloaders access the files through his premium account. Sharecash however found out about this loop hole and disabled the premium accounts all together. It was only a few days ago that we discovered a new loop hole that we can exploit and bypass the surveys. Thus the birth of SharecashDownloaderX.

How to download Sharecash downloader X?

At, a download link is available. Although major debugging and testing is still being done, the first release version 1.0.2 of the auto downloader is now available for the public to make use. Simply download it through the site, unzip it and install. Insert your sharecash link or mirror link and click on download. It will then retrieve back to our server some important information and in a few seconds, an alert prompt will show, telling you to save the file you wish to download. The current version however limits you 8 downloads per day. Future modification will most likely increase the number of downloads that can be made.


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